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My first blog!

Well, it's been a bit of an epic journey but I'm finally live on my website (thanks to my husband Neil) and I'm blogging!

Don't expect anything profound or fancy from me. It will mostly be pictures of my art work in progress, pictures of finished work, pictures of my pets (and I have sooo many) or pictures of food 😊

So, I suppose I should tell you a little bit about me and why I "do art".

I used to paint and draw when I was younger, and I was pretty good at it. I was accepted at the age of 16 into the London College of Art but I never went. Money was tight at home and Mum and Dad needed me to get a job to help out. I duly applied for jobs in London as that was were I lived, and was accepted at the Bank of England. Yes, it shocked me too! I started off doing on a Youth Training Scheme with them but was offered a role in their communications offices. It was ok but not fulfilling. Over the next few years I went from job to job doing admin work. It was dull but it paid the bills.

In 1989 I married Paul and moved to Kent. Sadly Paul passed away from meningitis whilst I was pregnant with our Son Iain. I moved to Chelmsford in Essex so I could be near my Mum & Dad. Iain was born and luckily due to a decent widows pension I didn't have to work for the first few years after having Iain. Life gets in the way of dreams sometimes and I forgot about being an artist. I raised my son alone until I met my husband Neil.

Neil has encouraged me to revisit my love of art, even letting me take over most of his office to create an "art room". I work for the NHS part time as an analyst - I'm not sure how that happened over the years, it's very far removed from being an artist, but I do enjoy it. When not working I do my second job which is the one I truly love. Creating works of art for people like you! I mostly do pet portraits, but I do do my own stuff which can vary, flowers, wildlife and at Christmas I hand paint Christmas baubles and sell them at fairs.

My portraiture has now become my main focus and I truly love meeting clients and their pets so that I can get to know the character of the subject. It gives me the connection I need to really capture the true them. If I can't meet up in person, I will chat over the phone or via email and only once I'm happy I know enough about them will I start the portrait.

I work in several different mediums, oils, acrylic, water colours and now pencil. I love working in pencil. This progress picture is of one of my dogs Sydney who is a long haired chihuahua. You'll meet the others over time if you carry on this journey with me.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs, and I promise not to waffle on so much next time! Until then take care. Kay x

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