Sorry that I’ve been quiet. When I’m not in my art room I’m a data analyst for NHS/PHE and with COVID-19 I’ve been a tad busy! 😁

I thought I’d share with you my latest WIP. GRUMBLE!! Yes that Grumble from Piglet and Me! Mike Shaw Grumbles Dad gave me permission to draw him as he is such a great character.

This is A3 Bristol Board with Faber Castell Polychromos pencils.

I‘m really enjoying working on this one! Prints will be available after I’ve finished with a percentage of my profit going to a dog charity of Mikes choice.

My dog Ernie has decided he should supervise me for a bit which is just as well as I’m getting through a lot of sausage rolls today. I’m sure the sausage rolls have nothing to do with Ernie wanting to help?! 🤣

Anyway, until next time - keep safe, wash yr hands, wear a mask 😷!

Kay x

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